How To Melt Chocolate In The Microwave

How To Melt Chocolate In The Microwave

Step-by-step tutorial about how to easily melt chocolate in the microwave to avoid burning. No need to use a double boiler on the stove! Ok, all, this is the time of year when even those of us who never bake a thing feel the need to be Julia Child in the kitchen for the holidays. ¬†Or if you are like … Read More

Easy Chocolate Covered Pretzels

White chocolate covered pretzels

Easy chocolate covered pretzels are a crowd favorite homemade food gift. The sweet salty combination is a “to die for” classic! I feel kind of silly sharing this recipe because it’s not even really a recipe. It’s melting some chocolate in the microwave and dipping pretzels in it. That’s it, that’s the whole recipe. But I make them every Christmas, … Read More

No-Bake Chocolate Coconut Bon Bons

coconut bon bons

No-bake chocolate coconut bon bons are the perfect holiday treat. You can make them ahead of time and they don’t need to be refrigerated! The other day my little nephew told me that “Almond Joy’s were his favorite candy because they are chocolate and coconut and they have a peanut inside!” Learning nut names is hard. Luckily making these no-bake … Read More

Homemade Food Gift: Chocolate Caramel Corn

homemade chocolate caramel corn

Sweet and salty homemade chocolate caramel corn is the perfect big batch homemade food gift. Make one pan and have several gifts ready to go! Anybody ever get those giant tins of popcorn for Christmas? Like the ones with like 3 or 4 different kinds of flavored popcorn. Someone my grandpa knew always got him one of those big tins … Read More

Browned Butter White Chocolate Pomegranate Cookies

white chocolate pomegranate cookies

White chocolate pomegranate cookies are made with nutty browned butter and studded with white chocolate chips and pomegranate arils! Pretty much ever since I learned how to brown butter, I’ve been trying it here and there in recipes to see if it improves it. America’s test kitchen has a book, The Perfect Cookie where they add browned butter to an … Read More

No-Bake Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Pies

chocolate mini peanut butter pie

No-bake mini chocolate peanut butter pies taste like our beloved peanut butter pie but with the benefit of a little chocolate and the bonus of being tiny and portable! Peanut butter pie is, in my humble opinion, one of the best pies. It’s no-bake, takes only a few minutes to whip up, and tastes like a peanut butter cup. The … Read More

Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Edible Cookie Dough

Soft edible chocolate chip cookie dough that’s made without eggs so it’s safe to eat straight out of the bowl. Raise your hand if your favorite part about making cookies is eating snitches of the dough? Yeah, me too. Back in the day, a friend of mine and I would team make a batch of cookie dough during a commercial … Read More

Peppermint Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

Peppermint Chocolate dipped Oreo cookies

These peppermint chocolate covered Oreo cookies are a quick and easy addition to your holiday cookie plate or just the right thing to wrap up and gift to your neighbors or co-workers! Chocolate and peppermint are one of the classic holiday flavors. Peppermint chocolate covered Oreos require very little actual work to make. Dip a (double stuf, imo) Oreo in … Read More

Chocolate Pecan Pie

chocolate pecan pie

Chocolate pecan pie is packed with chocolate chips and pecans for the ultimate nutty chocolate decadence that only takes about 15 minutes to get into the oven. Chocolate pecan pie is one of my favorite Thanksgiving pies. I love a gooey chocolatey, decadent pie. Especially when piled with some whipped cream or ice cream. We’re going to use a store … Read More