Fish Cake

Fish Shaped Birthday Cake

To go along with Foster’s fishing cupcakes, I got to make a fish cake too.  This was the first cake I have ever carved.  It was white cake with this buttercream.  I used this cake from Martha Stewart as inspiration and her template to carve the body, fins, and eyes.

I changed a few things from Martha’s original tutorial:

  1.  I removed the top an bottom fin at the request of Foster’s mom
  2. I used mini chocolate chips instead of chocolate covered sunflower seeds for the pupils (where can you even find chocolate covered sunflower seeds anyway?)
  3. I used a #12 round tip to pipe the scales instead of the ribbon tip that Martha suggests (I didn’t have it)
  4. I didn’t carve the lips out of the cake, I found it easer to carve the cake in a smooth arch and just use the gummy life saver as the lips.
  5. I split and filled the cake with frosting.  This was dumb, it made the cake harder to move around and frost.  If I were to make it again, I would leave the cake 1 layer.  The top of the cake is frosted with quite enough frosting, a filling is not necessary.