Fruit Salsa

I made this fruit salsa as a dish for my little sister’s baby shower last weekend.  It was a light and refreshing; an interesting alternative to your typical fruit salad.  I chose it because it was easy and I had already abused myself by making the cake.  A dish made in the food processor was exactly what I needed.  It was a total hit.

Fruit Salsa adapted from Pampered Chef
4 Granny Smith Apples
4 kiwi
1 Orange
1 pint of Strawberries
4 tablespoons brown sugar
4 tablespoons apricot preserves

Take the apples for a spin in the food processor until they are chopped into small pieces but not applesauce.  Pour into a bowl.  Put the kiwi and strawberries into the food processor and pulse until they are in small pieces.  Pour on top of the apples.  Zest the orange on top of the apple, strawberry, kiwi mixture.  Juice the orange and put into a bowl.  Add the brown sugar and preserves.  Mix together and pour over the fruit mixture.  Stir to combine.  Serve with cinnamon chips, tiny sugar cookies, or just eat it right out of the bowl.