Fun and Easy

sprinkle cake

I whipped up this cake last weekend for a get together with my parents.  I was just supposed to bring desert, nothing fancy, however I wanted to dress it up a little bit. 

I seem to collect sprinkles like they are going out of style, but in reality I hardly use them.  I took this opportunity to break some out.  I took one of my leaf cookie cutters and set it in the icing.  I then filled in the center of the cookie cutter with orange, yellow, and white nonperils.  Afterward, gently pull the cookie cutter off the cake.  Little lines are left imprinted in the icing but I liked the look.  If I would have had a bit more time, I would have piped around the leaf with icing to help hold the sprinkles in place, but overall I thought it turned out cute and was super fast.