Homemade Food Gifts: Vanilla Infused Sugar

Homemade food gift idea: vanilla infused sugar

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Well shoot, November sure went by in a hurry. Now all of the sudden it’s December and we are in the countdown to Christmas. The gloves are off, it is on. Baking season is in full swing. Maybe this year you feel like giving some homemade food gifts. Good. People like that. Here’s an easy one to start. In the realm of homemade food gifts, there isn’t one one much easier that this unless it’s homemade vanilla, which requires about the same amount of effort. (Which you should make now, by the way, because it takes a couple weeks of chill time).

However, even though it’s almost too easy, it’s a wonderful homemade food gift. A spoonful of vanilla sugar really ups the delicious factor in your morning coffee and sprinkling the coarse granules on top of a pie makes it positively sparkle. My family was gifted a jar of vanilla sugar one Christmas and it sat in our cupboard for eons, being preciously rationed out. Often, I would open the jar just to smell it.

Vanilla Infused Sugar

Split vanilla beans lengthwise. Put in pint jar. Fill jar with raw sugar. Close jar. Put a bow on it. Give to someone you love or keep it for yourself in which case the bow is not strictly necessary.