Honey Sweetened Peach Chutney

peach chutney

Confession time: I made this chutney weeks ago but have been afraid to try it.  I originally made the recipe because I thought my husband would love it, but I was afraid I would hate it.  Dave has been asking me why I hadn’t tried it and I had to admit my fear.  He started laughing of course!  How silly to be afraid of food, especially one I had made!

As it turns out, this chutney is lovely.  And even more lovely with some soft goat cheese spread underneath it on a thick slab of crusty bread, this has become my new PB & J.  Equal parts sweet and tangy, it makes your taste buds do summersaults but in a good way.

Jelly jars full would make an excellent Christmas gift, if you can keep it that long.  That had been my original plan, but I’m not sure that I will have any left.  I pretty much exactly followed Marisa’s recipe exactly so you should go over there to get it.  She also has great advice about how skin the peaches.