Makes My LIfe Easier-Growing Lettuce in a Pot

So, I have a problem with salad greens.  I tend to buy them and then don’t get them eaten in time and they waste away in the back of the fridge.  I also have planted them directly into my garden only to have them devoured by the bunnies in about two minutes.

Enter, the pot on the deck.  This year, I just tossed some seeds into a big pot filled with store bought soil on the deck and then pretty much ignored it.  We had a fairly rainy spring, so in a couple of weeks, we had mixed greens for salad.  Plants in pots need more watering than ground plants, so if it hasn’t rained in a couple days, I do have to water my greens.  And what is awesome about these greens, when you cut them down, they grow right back.  
Solved both of my problems with one fell swoop.  No more bunnies and no more rotting lettuce in the crisper.