Review: Tazo Green Tea Concentrate*

When time and ingredients allow, my first preference is to make my own chai concentrate.  It’s cheaper and frequently easier.  But when life and work get busy, I fall back on buying the concentrate in the store.  Typically my steady Eddie is Tazo’s Chai tea concentrate.  I like the balance of spice to sweetness just a little more than the Oregon chai.

Lately when I have gone to pick up my standby, there have been other concentrate choices.  Chocolate chai, which I tried first and is pretty gross.  Pumpkin spice chai in the fall, which I have not had the courage to try because of the chocolate chai incident.  Then a couple weeks ago, I saw green tea concentrate.  It had been some time since trying the chocolate chai, so I decided I was up for broadening my horizons.  I was glad I did.

The way these concentrates work is you just pour some amount into your mug, top it off with milk (I usually do a ration of 1/2 and 1/2 but my sister prefers less concentrate, more milk) and microwave until hot or add a few ice cubes to drink it cold.  Easy.  Makes my morning routine just a tad bit quicker and feels like something special.

The green tea concentrate tastes a lot like sweetened matcha tea.  It’s light and summery.  The milk adds creaminess.  It is softer and more subtle in flavor than the chai and also has a little less caffeine for those of us watching our caffeine intake.  Overall, it’s a nice alternative to the chai.

*Tazo has no clue who I am.  I bought the concentrate with my own money and this review is all my own opinion.  This is just a new product I found in the grocery store that I thought my readers might enjoy.