Seasame Street Cupcakes

Sesame Street Cupcakes

My nephew turned 2 recently and my sister had a Sesame Street birthday party for him.  When she asked me to make the cake (and by asked, I mean that I told her I was making these super cute cupcakes whether she wanted them or not) I was thrilled.  I had seen these babies awhile ago on Annie’s Eats and had stored them away in my brain for a rainy day.  Or my nephew’s birthday, you know, whichever came first.  Sorry for the lack of photos.  Typically when I make something really fun, I am also in a time crunch so the photos end up taking a backseat to the baking project.  Also, I am having computer problems, so my photos are all edited on my phone.  Awesome.

These cuppies were really easy (minus Big Bird, who was not easy).  Go to Annie’s blog to see a step by step tutorial.  I made a few changes to her exact plan.  I used Wilton Candy Eyes instead of making my own from fondant.  They worked well, however, they are not as big and you could not make Cookie Monster’s eyes googly because of the fixed pupil.  I also piped the mouths of Oscar and Elmo with black buttercream using a Wilton #3 tip before I piped the fur.  Oscar’s tongue was a dab of red buttercream added with a Wilton #2 tip.  

For Cookie Monster’s cookie, I used Chips Ahoy mini cookies.  I didn’t even know they make little chocolate chip cookies like that, but they are perfect for this project.  Oscar and Cookie Monster’s fur was piped with the Grass and Hair Tip.  Elmo was piped with a #16 star tip and Big Bird with a Leaf tip.