Sourdough Barm Day 3

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Ok, you are still with me here for our day three feeding.  You should start to notice that your sourdough smells a little, well, sour.  That the lactic bacteria doing their thing, creating lactic and acetic acid.  Did you know that San Francisco has it’s own strain of bacteria called Lactobacillus sanfrancisco.  Sourdough there tastes different than sourdough anywhere else.  After today’s feeding, you are over halfway to a barm ready to bake some lovely sourdough.

Sourdough Barm: Day 3: adapted from Crust and Crumb
2 cups bread flour
1 1/2 cups water

Add these ingredients to your barm.  Stir to combine.  When stirring, you should notice that the mixture is starting to feel stretchy.  Cover up with the plastic wrap and allow to sit for another 24 hours.