Fondant Sock Monkey Cake Topper

Sock monkey cake topper made from fondant

My sweet and wonderful friends are expecting their first baby just after the New Year.  Mandy had been my best friend for longer than she hasn’t and I’ve known her husband for almost the same amount of time.  I am so excited that are welcoming an addition to their family! Which is why when her sister asked me to make … Read More

Birthday Cake for Foster (Farm Birthday Cake)

Farm birthday cake

I was lucky to be able to make my little cousin Foster’s first birthday cake. The theme of his party was farm animals, so I made a chocolate barn cake with a vanilla cake yard. I covered the chocolate cake with red fondant and make a roof from brownie bites. My grass and hair tip came in handy for this … Read More

Igloo Cake

Igloo Cake with fondant penguins

  The weather here is crazy.  We are having “blizzard like conditions.”  Seems like a good time to snuggle up with some hot chocolate and igloo cake.    How to: I have had this cake bookmarked for a long time in an old issue of Martha Stewart Living.  The cake is meant to be an ice cream cake, but those … Read More