Tutorial-Canning tomatoes

How to can tomatoes

Once you have blanched your tomatoes, now is the time to can them. Canning doesn’t require a lot of equipment but it is somewhat specialized.  The good news is it is all fairly inexpensive and most grocery/super stores carry everything you need. Equipment: Canning Pot-your pot needs to be big enough that it can hold your jars covered by a … Read More

Tutorial: Blanching Tomatoes

How to blanch tomatoes

Is your garden bursting with tomatoes?  Mine seemed to get a slow start, but now every day I am bringing in 5-7 tomatoes from my 15 plants.  I like to can my tomatoes, my mom says freezing is easier.  Whichever way you like to preserve your tomatoes, you have to blanch them and peel off the skin.  It’s an easy … Read More