Zombiecide Inspired Cake

zombicide inspired cake
Birthday Cake, Cake, Board Game Cake, Zombie, Zombiecide

I told you I was a cake baking fool this past weekend.  I also made this Zombicide inspired cake for our friend Rob, whose birthday was last Friday.  We love to get together with them and when we aren’t camping or climbing-we play board games.  Zombiecide is our newest addiction and so I thought this would be the perfect birthday cake theme.

The cake is red velvet.  The frosting, cream cheese buttercream.  The guy is drawn with candy melts and the ROB is made from sugar sheets.  The little cards are made of gumpaste that I painted with food coloring.  I used the character cards as inspiration for this cake, and I didn’t realize when I started how many colors actually make up the card.  I frosted the top and sides of the cake in a blue ombre to reflect the changing colors in the character cards.