A Friday Giveaway!

We decided to sell our house and move into the city.  We are looking for a change of pace and quite a change it will be.  Consequently, I am going from a giant kitchen to probably a very tiny kitchen.

We got an offer a couple weeks ago that we accepted so it’s go time in terms of packing up and cleaning out.  Which means good things for you.  I was cleaning out my cupboards and stumbled across 3 cake items still in the wrapper.  If I haven’t used them in the last few years, I’m probably not going to use them.  But I thought, maybe, one of you guys could use them.
First item: some cute Valentine’s cupcake picks

Next item: a cardboard circus themed cake stand with cake server.  I originally bought it for my nephew’s first birthday but ended up making too big of a cake to be supported on the stand.

Finally: set of Wilton pillow pans.  I had lofty dreams of making Cinderella pillow cakes.  But, I never did.  Maybe one of you can now fulfill your own dreams of pillowy cakes.

This giveaway is going to run until next Friday.  One winner and open to U.S. Residents only.   Have a great weekend!

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