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How to De-pit and avocado

How to De-Pit an Avocado

I learned this handy-dandy trick somewhere along the path and it has made getting the pit out of the avocado so much easier. Split avocado lengthwise and pull apart. With a shar...

How to make pie crust leaves

How To Make Pie Crust Leaves

Learn how to make quick and easy pie crust leaves. Use them as adorable decorations for all of your Thanksgiving pies (or just eat them straight)! Pie crust cut outs are a fun a...

step-by-step tutorial on how to pipe basket weave

How to Pipe Basketweave

Being so close to Easter, I thought now would be a good time to have a little tutorial on how to pipe basketweave.  It is a fairly easy decorating technique that visually packs ...

photo of pecans with the title how to toast nuts

How To Toast Nuts In The Oven

I don’t know about you, but I love a good shortcut.  I try and find the fastest way to get home.  I never put a topcoat on my nail polish.  And with a recipe, I always look at i...

How to can tomatoes

Tutorial-Canning tomatoes

Once you have blanched your tomatoes, now is the time to can them. Canning doesn’t require a lot of equipment but it is somewhat specialized.  The good news is it is all fairly ...

How to blanch tomatoes

Tutorial: Blanching Tomatoes

Is your garden bursting with tomatoes?  Mine seemed to get a slow start, but now every day I am bringing in 5-7 tomatoes from my 15 plants.  I like to can my tomatoes, my mom ...