How To Make Edible Easter Grass

how to make edible easter grass
how to make edible easter grass

Sometimes you need to add a little flair to the Easter table. Sure, you could line up your Nutter Butter chicks and bunnies on a plate or pile your M&M brownie cookies in some Tupperware, but wouldn’t they just look oh, so adorable in a nice bed of Easter grass? And regular Easter grass is great for holding your Easter eggs but a little bit gross stuck to the back of your chocolate cookie.

Enter edible Eater grass. Made super fast with a few handfuls of sweetened shredded coconut and some green food coloring. (Or really, whatever food color floats your boat).

How to make edible easter grass with coconut

Step 1: Pour some coconut in a bowl

We’re using sweetened shredded coconut here. We want shredded because it looks more like grass and the sweetened coconut has more moisture to help us disperse the food coloring better. You can find sweetened shredded coconut in the chocolate chip aisle at the grocery store.

How much do you need? That’s going to depend on your project. I made about 2 cups to cover the bottom of my cookie plate, but you need more or less depending on the size of your plate, bowl, etc. This is pretty easy to make, so you can always make more if you run out.

How to make edible easter grass

Step 2: Squirt in some green food coloring

Less is usually more when we’re dealing with food coloring. Start with a few baby drops, stir it up and go from there. I use gel food coloring because that’s all I have these days. This is a good opportunity to use your liquidy grocery store food coloring because the extra water will help disperse the food coloring more easily.

Edible easter grass

Step 3: Stir it all up

Pretty self-explanatory. Stir the food coloring into the coconut until it’s all dispersed. If you’re feeling sassy (or have some food gloves) it’s sometimes easier to use your hands to mix it all in evenly.

After it’s all stirred in, evaluate the color and if it’s not as dark as you’d like, add a touch more food coloring and stir it all up again.

You can store your edible Easter grass in an airtight container for several weeks.

Happy Baking!