Peanut Butter Whiskey Truffles

Whiskey Truffles

Peanut butter whiskey truffles are creamy, chocolatey ganache truffles spiked with a healthy dose of peanut butter whiskey! Peanut butter and chocolate. Two of my favorite things combined together to make one decadent truffle. If you’ve never tried peanut butter whiskey, you should give it a go. It has all the fire of whiskey with a gentle sweetness and peanut … Read More

Tropical Homemade Granola

Homemade Tropical Granola

Tropical homemade granola is the perfect way to get a healthy breakfast and feel a little bit like you’re on the beach! Totally customizable with ingredients already in your pantry! I’m going to be honest, January kind of bogs me down. Here in the Midwest, it’s gray and cold and just kind of bleh. We’re coming down off our sugar … Read More

No-Bake Peanut Butter Balls

Peanut Butter Balls

Decadent no-bake peanut butter balls are a creamy peanut butter filling enrobed in rich chocolate. A perfect treat for your holiday cookie plate or wrapped up as a gift for friends and family. Peanut butter balls have been on my family’s Christmas cookie plate ever since I can remember. And ever since I can remember, they have been my favorite … Read More

Honey Cinnamon Butter

Honey Cinnamon Butter

Honey cinnamon butter is the perfect way to add a little bit of fancy to the holiday table. All that’s required is 5 minutes and a mixer! For The Holiday Table: Honey cinnamon butter is the fastest way I know of to add a little bit of fancy to the holiday table. Slathering some on a dinner roll is a … Read More

Homemade Soft Turtle Candy


Soft homemade caramel filled turtle candies are studded with toasted pecans and covered in rich dark chocolate. The ultimate homemade food gift. Valentine’s Day is one of those crazy holidays. I’ve had really romantic ones and sort of mediocre ones. I’ve had at least one where I’ve been really sad and it was that Valentine’s Day where my friends invited … Read More

Simple Granola with No Refined Sugar

Healthy homemade granola made with no refined sugars.

This simple granola recipe is highly customizable based on ingredients already in your pantry and contains no refined sugar. I live in the Midwest and last week we were slammed with some nasty, cold weather. Like -25 degrees cold. Weather where pipes freeze and cars don’t start. Amazingly, I was gifted two days off from work in the middle of … Read More

Food Gift Idea-Chocolate Pretzel Bites

When I first saw these at a friend’s party, like 4 years ago, I was intrigued.  Chocolate covered pretzels are one of my favorite sweet/salty snacks but I only make them during the holidays because they are a bit tedious. Then I ate one.  It was kind of like that old Pringles commercial, once you pop you can’t stop.  They … Read More

Food Gift Idea: Candied Grapefruit

Candied Grapefruit

We all have those people on our Christmas gift list.  You know the people.  The ones you want to give something special but it’s not in the budget to spend a lot of cash. You could pick up yet another tin of half stale caramel corn at the store.  Or, you could make your own homemade food gift. Over the … Read More

Homemade Spiced Pecans

Sweet and crunchy spiced pecans

Homemade spiced pecans are an excellent homemade food gift during the holiday season and an excellent trail food snack during the summer hiking season! Spiced pecans are always around at Christmastime. However, one Christmas as I was munching on them, I realized they would make an excellent trail snack. Sweet, salty, full of protein-they were the perfect thing to keep … Read More

Peppermint Bark

Ok, here’s another easy one, because I am all about simplifying this Christmas.  Peppermint bark.  The hardest thing you have to do is melt chocolate.  But we already learned how to do that.  Oh, and you get to smash things with your rolling pin, which in my book is always top notch. What you need: 1- 12 ounce bag chocolate … Read More