Easy Ghost Mini Cupcakes

easy ghost mini cupcakes

Adorable ghost mini cupcakes made with chocolate chips are the easiest little Halloween treat!A really fun treat to make with the kids or just for yourself!

ghost mini cupcakes

Ok, these are basically the easiest Halloween treat I have ever made. The trickiest part is keeping your fingers out of the frosting. Which is actually a tricky part. Something that helps-kitchen tweezers. A pretty cheap investment if you’re looking to do some light to extreme decorating with tiny objects.

Do I have to make the cupcakes from scratch?

Heck no! The above cupcakes are my applesauce cupcake batter put into a mini muffin pan and swirled with cream cheese frosting. They are delicious and would be a good choice if you have the time, however, you can make mini cupcakes from a box mix or even just buy mini cupcakes from the grocery store that are frosted with white frosting.

Do I need a fancy piping tip?

Nope! I used a Wilton 1A tip but simply cutting of the end of a piping bag or the tip of a ziploc bag will yield similar swirl results.

Ghost mini cupcakes

How to Make Mini Ghost Cupcakes

  • Bake mini cupcakes and allow to cool completely.
  • Using a wide open piping tip (like the Wilton 1A, make a swirl of frosting on each cupcake going upward as you pipe (you want a tall mound of frosting.
  • For each cupcake, place two mini chocolate chips backward (so the pointy side is into the frosting) into the frosting about 3/4 of the way up. These are the eyes.
  • Place one regular size chocolate chip below the “eyes”. Also place this chocolate chip “backward” so the pointy side goes into the frosting.
  • Repeat for remaining cupcakes.

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Happy Baking!