Gift Ideas for Candy Makers


Here are 7 perfect gift ideas for the candy makers in your life. The ones who what to dabble in caramel or chocolate creation. Maybe for the ones who love coming up with their own flavors or like to give homemade food gifts.

7 perfect gift ideas for candy makers


The Field Guide to Candy was my first candy only cookbook. It’s this adorable little book packed with information and recipes written in a clear and concise way about almost every candy imaginable. Perfect for beginners or people familiar with making candy.

Chocolates and Confections is no joke. It’s a textbook. Which seems totally intimidating but it’s really not. The author writes to educate you about making candy and ever since reading and owning this book, my candy making skill and knowledge has increased exponentially.

I have been reading Elizabeth’s blog for years and her recipes are always fun, easy to follow, and turn out. Her book is just as good

Tools of the Trade:

A candy thermometer. Get a digital instant read one, preferably one with an alarm so if you space out while stirring your caramel you won’t burn it. (Not one like this-the sugar syrup can bubble up and you can’t read the thermometer).

Candy molds. You don’t have to go with traditional chocolate bar molds, really the sky’s the limit but DO make sure you buy silicon molds. Stores tend to sell cheaper plastic molds but they just make it more difficult to release your finished candy. This is especially true if you are gifting this to kids.

Just for Fun:

Candy flavor oils-For flavoring your candies. You want oils so that you can add them to chocolate (water makes chocolate seize up). You also don’t have to add in as much when you use an oil vs. an extract.

Melting chocolate. Particularly for the new candy maker, melting chocolate is easier to use and leaves a nice finish rather than learning how to temper chocolate.

Need some candy recipes to get started? I like these homemade apple cider gummies and of course, peanut butter whiskey truffles are always a hit!

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