Gift Ideas for Kid Bakers


Need gift ideas for kid bakers in your life? Here are nine fun gift ideas for the kids in your life that like to hang out in the kitchen!

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9 perfect gift ideas for kid bakers

Teaching the kids in my life how to bake is one of my favorite things. They are always enthusiastic, they don’t stress if their recipe flops, and they are always down for making a mess!


The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs-written by America’s Test Kitchen for little people to learn how to bake! True to form, America’s Test Kitchen breaks everything down so you know WHY you’re doing something.

America’s Test Kitchen’s The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs. Not simply for bakers, this cookbook explains recipes and gives step by step photographs for young cooks. Probably for kids at least age 6 and older.

I haven’t tried this book, but it’s on my gift list for a couple kiddos I bake with. I feel like it combines my love of science with my love of food.

Tools of the Trade:

Measuring spoons. When baking with kids, I like a metal measuring spoon with the size engraved right on it. A kid can’t read what isn’t there (hello plastic measuring spoons with the size washed off over time). I really like these elongated spoons because they fit in pretty much all spice jars and for kids, it’s easier to scoop than to pour.

Mixing bowls with grippy bottoms. It is truly impressive how far a bowl can travel across the counter when you’re learning how to use a mixer or if you need two hands to hold the mixer. What I like about these particular bowls is that they are not glass (which means they won’t break when they get dropped on the floor) and they have lids. Plus they’re colorful, which is always a bonus.

Liquid measuring cups with angled measurements. For younger kids, I find pouring and measuring with a regular liquid measuring cup a little bit of a challenge. They can’t pour something into the measuring cup AND look at the side at the same time. It’s much easier to be able to look where you’re pouring. This is true whether or not you’re little.

Just for Fun:

An apron with their name on it. My grandma got these for my niece and nephews last Christmas and they loved it. My nephew appreciated having a “kid apron” since all of mine that he usually wore were way too big and very floral. And when you bake with kids, everyone should wear an apron…

An all in one baking kit. All the ingredients are there, all measured out. Easy. I think this option is ideal particularly if you’re looking to send something to your little baker friend. It makes it super easy for their parents who may or may not be bakers.

Pretty much any silly kitchen gadget. Kids like to have fun and be silly and anything that makes baking more fun and silly is usually kid approved.

Want to bake with the kids in your life? My favorite things to bake with kiddos are brownies (from a box is totally fine), chocolate chip cookies, and of course, sugar cookies (with all the Red Hots).

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Happy Baking!


Happy Baking!