Gift Ideas for Pie Makers


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Looking for the perfect gift for the pie baker in your life? Here 10 perfect gift ideas for pie makers: cookbooks, tools, and some fun stuff too!

10 perfect gift ideas for pie makers

Books for Pie Makers:

I am a sucker for a good cookbook and the longer I have baked, the more I appreciate a cookbook specific to the task at hand. Here are three of my favorite pie books:

The Art of Pie is written how I wish I could write. One of her first commandments in the book is to “chill everything, including yourself” which is the best advice I’ve ever heard about making pie.

The Pie and Pastry Bible is a tome of knowledge. I have read and re-read this book at least 5 times and I learn something every time.

And of course, The Perfect Pie from America’s Test Kitchen. What I love about America’s Test Kitchen is they always tell you WHY they use a technique or ingredient so it seems worth your while. I have learned so much from every book I have by them. And the photographs are to die for. The only thing I dislike about this book is there are a few recipes that are what I would call a touch “fussy,” sometimes using ingredients that seem a little obscure for your basic grocery store.

Tools of the Trade:

A pie plate. I like a 9 inch pie plate for gifting because the vast majority of pie recipes are for 9 inch pies. I have a gorgeous deep dish 10 inch pie plate that is huge that gets very little use because-my recipe is for a 9 inch apple pie. Choose a pie pan that is metal, ceramic, or glass for optimum conductivity. Worried your pie baker has too many pie plates? That is not a thing, I promise 🙂

A rolling pin. A good rolling pin should roll easily and not stick to whatever you’re rolling. A marble rolling pin is to heavy for pie crust and the non-stick variety always seem to stick to the dough but the flour slides right off. I would recommend a sturdy wooden pin that rolls easily.

A pie server. Because it’s actually super hard to get pie out of a pie pan with a square spatula…

Pie weights. Because, sure, you can use some dried beans to weight your pie crusts, but why not have the right tool for the job. What I like about these (vs. the pie weights that I actually own) is that they are all in one strand so when you pick up your parchment out of your pie crust, hot pie weights don’t go rolling everywhere….

Just for Fun:

A cute pie bird. Because who doesn’t want a blackbird baked in a pie. Especially one that vents your pie.

A pie box to carry their freshly made pies!

Mini pie pans! Not super practical, but very very fun, especially if you want to try out different kinds of little pies.

Hope you found something that the pie bakers in your life would love to get this Christmas. If they (or you) are in search of some excellent pie recipes to try this holiday season, my favorites are my chocolate pecan pie and my easy apple tart.

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Happy Baking!

Happy Baking!