New Year

Wow, I managed to miss the whole month of December!  It was a crazy crazy month, a million things happened, some great and some so sad.  I unexpectedly lost my amazing grandmother, a woman, who among many other things, always encouraged my baking and creating from the time I was a peanut.  She will be sorely missed.

Now it’s 2013.  A new year.  Like most people, at the new year I always get the itch to revamp some things in my life.  I also like to take this time of year to learn new things and have new experiences.  I received an ice cream maker for Christmas and have been diving headfirst into making ice cream (yes, even in December) so expect some creamy deliciousness to come your way when it starts to get warm.

I hope to explore many other facets of baking and maybe a bit more cooking too.  This will be the year I tackle puff pastry and officially master pie crust!  Hope to see you along the way.