Real Buttercream

My family (myself included) loves the Wilton crusting buttercream.  That buttercream, however, is made with at least half shortening.  Who knew shortening could be so tasty?  Most people though (my husband) do not have the extreme sweet tooth that the rest of my family does.  That is where this real buttercream comes in.  It does not overpower your cake with sweetness.  It tastes so…rich and decadent.  It pipes wonderfully.  It takes just a little more effort than Wilton’s buttercream (the stove is involved) but the results are well worth it.  It is not as fluffy as meringue buttercream, but has just enough fluff.  You can find the recipe for this magical stuff online here.  Of course the recipe is from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s book The Cake Bible.