Ringing in 2014

Honey and Maple Syrup Sweetened Homemade Granola

January is a time for renewal and growth.  A time to detox from all of the Christmas/holiday craziness and refocus on simplifying, learning new things and cleaning up your body.  This year, no long list of resolutions that I will struggle to keep.  Just a couple guidelines to try and create a happier, healthier 2014:

1. Simpler recipes-recipes that don’t require a manual and 40 bowls to wash.  Who has time for that?

2. Less waste, going more green-my husband and I started a compost pile a couple of years ago, but we still end up wasting a lot of food.  I also frequently fail to examine where my food comes from and what kind of packaging it’s wrapped in.

3. Trying new things-no fear when it comes to trying something different both in the kitchen and out.  My first endeavor-ice climbing at the end of January!  And puff pastry will be mine.

I’ll try and keep you posted about how things are going.  What are you resolving to change this year?