Savory Sunday: Heart Shaped Toad In The Holes

“How many minutes until you flip them?”  I inquired.  “I don’t know, I just go based on the feel of them.  You know, I have been making you eggs for the better part of a decade now, I just kind of know,”  he replied.  He was right.  We have been married for well over 6 years now during the few years we were dating, eggs were date night  food.  For a college kid, there really isn’t a better cheap source of protein and my husband will eat eggs three times a day if you let him.  I can still remember the first eggs he ever made for me.  Just plain old scrambled eggs, whipped up in a cheap nonstick pan after class one day.  They were seriously the best scrambled eggs I had ever eaten.  I kept gushing about them, asking what the secret to these fabulous eggs was.  It’s pepper, by the way.

Now I wait every Saturday morning for him to stumble into the kitchen and make me eggs.  I have tried, but honestly, mine don’t hold a candle to his perfect, never rubbery eggs.  A couple years ago I discovered the fried egg which led to my passion for fried egg sandwiches.  A toad in the hole is like an easy to eat version of the fried egg sandwich.  Plus, the middles make a nice snack!

Heart Shaped Toad In The Hole

makes 4 toads

  • 4 pieces bread
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • salt and pepper to taste

Butter bread on both sides.  Take small heart shaped cookie cutter and cut out middle of bread.  Head up a nonstick skillet over medium heat and toast both sides of the “middles”  Eat while finishing the rest of breakfast.  Put slices of bread on skillet.  Crack eggs into each of the holes.  Cook until you see the whites of the egg start to become solid colored and firm.  Flip.  Cook for another few minutes or until egg  whites are totally firm.  I hate the gooeyness, so my husband always pricks the yolks of mine with a sharp knife and cooks them a few minutes longer to ensure complete cooking.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

*special thanks to my wonderful husband for letting me interrupt his egg making by taking a bazillion photos so I could share this breakfast tastiness