Sunday Funday

Hope everybody enjoyed their shortened work week.  I know we are supposed to be headed into fall, but here, everything is still super hot and humid.

I went to the county fair on Thursday night and it was wonderful as usual.  As kids, my grandparents would take us.  We would ride a million rides, the tilt-a whirl being my favorite.  We would play games, each hoping to win a goldfish to take home.  My mother really loved that the years that we won (nothing quite like taking care of a stinky goldfish).  And of course, there was cotton candy.

Now I go to the fair to look at the animals and the baked good entries, but mostly I go for the food.  I have been going with the same people to the fair nearly every year for more than a decade and each year the food strategy is a bit different.  One year, we bought cups for bottomless homemade rootbeer.  That was a pretty bad call.  We drank so much rootbeer we ended up with quite a tummy ache.

This year, among other things, was the first year I tried the deep fried Snickers bar.  It was good, but certainly not $7 (plus  the damage to my arteries) good.  Next year I will know to stick to the funnel cakes.

Fried Snickers

Here are some interesting reads from this week:

Plum season is here and this plum cake looks like the perfect weekend snack.

As you know, peanut butter and chocolate are some of my favorite things so Yammie’s flourless chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting is right up my ally.

These cinnamon roll cookie bars look like all of the awesome of a cinnamon roll and about half the work.

This article by Allison Vesterfelt speaks to me.  Actually, almost everything this girl writes is gold.

Lemon cake is one of the best kind of desserts and these lemon cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting are calling my name.

Love this interview with Valerie Jarrett.  “Put yourself in the path of lightning.”

And of course, if you missed it, I made some peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies with whole wheat flour this week.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Tell me, did you do anything fun?