Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

I am working on my nephew’s fourth birthday cake this week.  His request was for a “really tall, like up to the ceiling Spider-Man cake.”  
I don’t know how close to the ceiling I will get, but I will try for tall.  Sadly, when I was turning this guy out of the pan, he cracked and broke.  
Anyway, here are some fun things I read this week.

This photo shoot with a puppy cracks me up!

I have been meaning to make bacon jam for ages-this recipe by Brown Eyed Baker looks fantastic!

I know it’s an older post, but his Whipped Chocolate Buttercream has become my new “go-to” chocolate frosting.  It’s fast, easy, and tastes amazing!  I usually make a double batch to cover an 8 inch 2 layer cake.

For those interested in our travel adventures, I have started a new blog called Heather From The Flat.  This week I posted a recap of our trek to Machu Picchu.