Sunflower Oreo Cupcakes

How to make sunflower cupcakes

Even though as I sit here writing this post there is snow on the ground, we are past the first day of spring.  And spring means…flowers!  My aunt posted a picture of these cute cupcakes on my facebook page awhile ago and I thought this weekend would be the perfect time to try them.  I believe the picture that she sent me is from Fowl Single File. (Took awhile to chase the links).  I simplified her version a little bit and only used one type of piping tip because I am kind of lazy.

To start with, twist an Oreo in half.  Squirt some frosting on the bottom part of the cookie and “glue” it to the middle of the cooled cupcake.  Using a Wilton #67 tip (a leaf tip) pipe petals all around the Oreo. When I used the half of the Oreo with the filling stuck to it, I needed to pipe petals two rows high or my  Oreo would show.

Finally, pipe a row of petals around the top of the Oreo.  This part is a little tricky because if you do not go in an exact circle around the Oreo, it looks a little funky.  With my knockoff Oreos, there is a little inner circle that I followed to keep my circle looking well, circular.

I used a batch of this buttercream tinted yellow on plain vanilla cupcakes.  This should make enough to frost 2 dozen cupcakes.