Homemade Soft Turtle Candy


Soft homemade caramel filled turtle candies are studded with toasted pecans and covered in rich dark chocolate. The ultimate homemade food gift. Valentine’s Day is one of those crazy holidays. I’ve had really romantic ones and sort of mediocre ones. I’ve had at least one where I’ve been really sad and it was that Valentine’s Day where my friends invited … Read More

Simple Granola with No Refined Sugar

Healthy homemade granola made with no refined sugars.

This simple granola recipe is highly customizable based on ingredients already in your pantry and contains no refined sugar. I live in the Midwest and last week we were slammed with some nasty, cold weather. Like -25 degrees cold. Weather where pipes freeze and cars don’t start. Amazingly, I was gifted two days off from work in the middle of … Read More