What is the difference between Philadelphia and custard style ice cream?

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What is the difference between Philadelphia style and custard style ice cream?

Finally, it is getting just a tad bit warmer in this great state of Illinois.  Warm enough that I am daydreaming about making ice cream again.  Whenever I set out to make a new ice cream, I always am torn-do I make the richer, creamier custard style ice cream or the simpler, less time consuming Philly style?

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The main difference?  Custard is make with eggs, usually just the egg yolks which are cooked with the cream until they thicken.  This results in a thicker, creamier ice cream that doesn’t get as icy in the freezer.  Philadelphia style is made with just cream or a combination of cream and milk (and sugar of course).

The drawback?  You usually have to divide the yolks out of 8 eggs or so, which takes time and effort.  Also, the eggs will occasionally curdle on you when cooking and need to be strained out of the custard before refrigerating.

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How do I decide?  Usually it’s a time and ingredients factor.  If I have a lot of time and am making a pure flavor (like vanilla) I will typically make a custard.  If I am adding a lot of mix-ins and am a bit tighter on time or energy, it’s Philadelphia style all the way.  Homemade ice cream tastes so much bette than store bought ice cream anyway, it doesn’t make a huge difference which you choose.