Gift Ideas for Bread Bakers

Gift Ideas for Bread Bakers

Do you have a bread baker in your life? Here are 9 perfect gift ideas for bread bakers for this holiday season!

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Gift Ideas for Bread Bakers

I love baking bread. I find it relaxing to make the bread and homemade bread is soooo delicious to eat. This year has seen record numbers of people learning to bake bread. It’s so cathartic. Plus, even if you mess up, the results are pretty tasty. The great part about bread baking is that you don’t need a lot to get started. Here are some good gift ideas for anyone in your life looking to bake some bread.


Hand’s down, this is my favorite bread baking book. The recipes are uncomplicated and the directions make sense. You know exactly what is supposed to happen with each step. This book is how I learned to make higher level breads like French bread and Challah.

From the master of the no knead bread recipe. All of his recipes take some time but are sooo worth it.

I know, two books by the same author, but he really knows his stuff and he knows how to teach it.

Tools of the Trade:

Loaf pans. Kind of obvious, I know, but if you want to start baking bread, good loaf pans are where it’s at. You want a loaf pan that is heavy and is made of metal to better conduct the heat. You want to get two loaf pans to make most direct method bread recipes.

Ok, so I use flour sack towels for pretty much everything in my kitchen (you’ve definitely seen them in my photographs) but they are super useful to bread bakers because you can simply throw a flour sack towel over your bread dough to rise and since they’re lint free, they don’t stick to your dough. Saves your dough, saves the environment a little plastic wrap use.

A baking stone. Not just for pizza. Bake your artisan bread loaves directly on your stone for optimal crust development.

Just for Fun:

A proofing basket. It helps your dough keep it’s shape while it’s rising when you’re making free form loaves (not using a bread pan).

You can certainly use a knife to score your bread dough (I do), it works just fine, but if the bread baker in your life wants to take it next level, you’ll want a lame.

Mini loaf pans! So you can share the bread love with lots of people. You can divide pretty much any bread recipe down to fit into mini loaves, simply reduce the baking time.

Bonus gift idea for bread bakers: when I saw this scene in Stranger than Fiction, I was impressed. What a brilliant idea to bring a baker flours! So if you’re shopping for a bread baker-don’t forget the flour! Particularly something interesting or harder to find in the grocery store like semolina, barley or rye.


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Happy Baking!


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