My First Tiered Cake

what I learned making my first tiered cake

This was my nephew’s first birthday cake.  It was my first time making a three tiered cake and also my first time making a cake for that many people (50-55 people).  I learned a lot on this cake. The Cake: The tiers were 8″, 10″, and 12″.  The 12″ cake was by far the largest cake that I have ever … Read More

Coconut Cupcakes

coconut cupcakes with coconut buttercream

I had a special request a few weeks ago at project night for coconut cake. Since I had a few other projects going on at the same time, I ended up making coconut cupcakes instead.  There are so many coconut cake recipes out there that only have coconut frosting, but I was looking for a nicely flavored coconut cake.  I … Read More

Lemon filled Lemon Cupcakes

Rich tangy lemon curd fills these tender lemony cupcakes. A creamy swirl of Swiss meringue buttercream tops them off for the perfect lemon treat!  Sometimes cupcakes are the best way to tell someone that they are special.  Filled cupcakes are the way to go the extra mile in that regard.  Filled cupcakes from scratch with homemade frosting always do the … Read More