Simple Granola with No Refined Sugar

Healthy homemade granola made with no refined sugars.

This simple granola recipe is highly customizable based on ingredients already in your pantry and contains no refined sugar. I live in the Midwest and last week we were slammed with some nasty, cold weather. Like -25 degrees cold. Weather where pipes freeze and cars don’t start. Amazingly, I was gifted two days off from work in the middle of … Read More

Alternative Sweeteners to Refined Sugar

4 delicious alternatives to refined sugar

Ok, so January, we’re supposed to be cleaning up our eating right?  Well, for me, that has meant that I am trying more and more to cut out processed foods.  I can’t say exactly when I started, but over the course of the last few years I have been phasing out and reducing my intake of processed and pre-packaged foods. … Read More

Trail Food-No-Bake Energy Bars

No Bake Energy Bars

Nut-free, no-bake energy bars high in protein with no refined sugar. Perfect homemade camping and hiking snack for those high energy days! I like to be a bit outdoorsy.  But often what comes with the great outdoors is crazy raving hunger.  And I’m mean when I get too hungry.  So for the well being of everyone spending time with me … Read More

Overnight Oats with Coconut Milk and Chia Seeds

Overnight oats with chia and coconut milk

Easy, make ahead breakfast that’s healthy and delicious.  Overnight oats with coconut milk and chia seeds are sure to satisfy your hunger until lunch!   I know, overnight oats, kinda last year huh?  But, they one of the most perfect summer breakfasts.  With just a touch of prep work the night before, you have a cool, creamy, filling breakfast in … Read More

Homemade Granola

Homemade Granola

One of the most satisfying work day morning breakfasts for me is Greek yogurt with some homemade granola mixed in.  The cool and creamy melding with the crunchy and sweet is so delightful.  Plus, it is a quick and easy breakfast.  The best part of this granola, is that it is fairly adaptable depending on what you have floating around … Read More