Mini Key Lime Pies

Mini Key Lime Pies

Adorable mini key lime pies made with buttery Graham cracker crust, tangy key lime juice, and a dollop of fresh whipped cream are the perfect two-bite treat! A few years ago a friend of mine was traveling to the Florida Keys for vacation. I asked him if he would indulge in some key lime pie while he was there. He … Read More

Angel Food Cake

angel food cake

Light and fluffy angel food cake is the perfect summer dessert especially when topped with sweet strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream! Angel food cake is absolutely, hands down, my favorite cake in the whole world.  It’s the cake that I always ask for as my birthday cake. It’s light and fluffy and perfect eaten smothered in whipped cream … Read More

Preserving Summer: Freeze Extra Berries

It’s summer and the berries are delicious.  I frequently get over zealous and buy way too many berries for what we can consume.  When that happens, I just spread them out onto a rimmed cookie sheet, freeze for an hour (flash freeze) and then dump into a freezer bag and back in the freezer they go.  Then we have frozen … Read More

Lemon Pie for 4th of July

4th of july pie

Tangy lemon curd folded into fluffy Cool Whip makes the perfect summer lemon pie. Decorate with fresh berries and Cool Whip stars for an easy 4th of July treat.   How did it get to be the fourth already?  I feel like I am just getting used to this warm weather and now we are partway through the summer.  I … Read More

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Top Pie

strawberry rhubarb pie

Sweet strawberries meld together with tangy rhubarb in this delicious strawberry rhubarb crumble top pie. The crumble topping adds sweetness and crunch. The whole wheat pie crust adds heartiness and wholesomeness. Now is the time people.  Now is the time to make strawberry rhubarb pie.  We are at the tail end of the rhubarb and the strawberries are just getting … Read More

Strawberry Tall Cake


This strawberry tall cake is a total showstopper. The delicious buttermilk cake layers are topped with dreamy whipped cream and sweetened strawberries.   I wish that I had taken a picture of my 11 month old nephew eating some of this cake.  It made me want to fall off my chair I was laughing so hard.  He’s a “big boy” … Read More