10 Delicious Pies for “Pi” Day

10 delicious pies for "pi" day!
10 delicious pies for "pi" day!

Bakers need little cause for celebration and even though it seems calling March 14th a holiday is a little bit of a stretch, I’ll take any excuse to eat some pie. Here are 10 of my favorites to get you started!

Peanut Butter chocolate Pie

Peanut butter pie topped with a rich chocolate ganache will probably always be my favorite pie. You can make it any time of year-no seasonal ingredients here and hello-ganache!

strawberry rhubarb pie

Strawberry rhubarb with crumble top-always a delight. You can make this with frozen rhubarb and strawberries if you can’t find any good fresh ones in your area just yet (hello Midwest…).

lemon meringue pie

Squeeze the last drops out of that winter citrus with a lemon meringue pie. Or perhaps, try the mini version for something more portable!

Toll house pie-chocolate chip pie

Tollhouse pie-pretty much a giant chocolate chip cookie in a pie crust. I would suggest eating it slightly warm from the oven with a big ‘ole dollop of whipped cream on top.

easy apple tarts

This easy apple tart can be whipped up after work-so you can still celebrate pi day but not spend hours in the kitchen!

apple hand pies

Or maybe you want something portable-so you can take them to work or to hang out with your friends (I mean, who doesn’t want portable pie?). These easy apple hand pies are just the ticket.

roasted carrot and goat cheese hand pie

Speaking of portable pie-these savory roasted carrot and goat cheese hand pies make for an incredible, hearty dinner and are nothing to sneeze at warmed up the next day for lunch. Who says pie has to be sweet?

Lemon Cloud Pie

Here is a lemon pie that is waaay easier than a traditional lemon meringue but still has that burst of citrus.

crustless French silk pie

Not a fan of pie crust? Neither is my mom. That’s why I make her this crustless French silk pie in a glass. (Here is a cherry version too!)

chocolate pecan pie

And last, but not least, chocolate pecan pie. Perfect on it’s own. Better with whipped cream.

Happy baking!